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On our podcasts, we feature author interviews and dramatic readings from our books. You'll also hear excerpts from our oral history archives. Occasionally, we'll share news about upcoming books and events and offer a few opinions about the work of local history. Music for our podcast is performed by Linda Gerig Hoisington.
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January 2008: Georgia Ray and Grace Flandrau
Georgia Ray, author of Grace Flandrau: Voice Interrupted, tells about her long interest in Flandrau, shares stories about the the Minnesota writer, and offers recommendations for further reading.
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December 2007: Christmas in a U.S.A. Hospital
Daniel Hoisington reads a holiday selection from Notes from a Hospital, published in 1864. Nurses and patients prepare for the celebration of Christmas in the midst of suffering and death. The anonymous author also shares thoughts about the meaning of the war.
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November 2007: Bill Christen talks about Pauline Cushman
Bill Christen, the author of Pauline Cushman: Spy of the Cumberland, talks about the life of one of the Civil War's most well-known spies and about his research. He also shares some information that he learned since the book was published.
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October 2007: Two Writers Look at the Dakota Conflict
Don Heinrich Tolzmann discusses the Dakota Conflict of 1862 as seen through the eyes of two nineteenth century German American historians: Rudolf Leonhart and Rev. Alexander Berghold. Then Linda Gerig Hoisington plays the "Lillian Valse" by Leonhart.
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September 2007: German Americans and WWI
Historian Don Heinrich Tolzmann discusses the impact that World War I had on German Americans. Then author Kathryn Adams Doty reads selections from her award-winning novel, A Long Year of Silence.
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July 2007: Kathryn Adams Doty
Kathryn Adams Doty talks about her careers as a movie actor, psychologist, and writer. She discusses the impact of World War I on German-Americans in Minnesota and how that influenced her novel, A Long Year of Silence.
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June 2007: This Cap of White
In May, Edinborough Press published This Cap of White: The Story of the Mounds-Midway School of Nursing. At a book launch event, Daniel J. Hoisington, the author, spoke about the role of stories in the history.
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May 2007: "Major Pauline Cushman: In Memoriam"
At her Pauline Cushman's funeral in December 1893, attended by more than 300 Civil War veterans, Adeline Ballou read a poem that she composed for the occasion. Bill Christen reads this tribute: "Major Pauline Cushman: In Memoriam."
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