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Live Steam of Years Gone By
Charles S. Purinton, ed. by Urbanski and Symmes
ISBN 978-1-889020-50-1

$19.95 Softbound
Daily Daily Except Sundays
Dana Adams Story
ISBN 1-889020-16-8
$9.95 Softbound
C. W. Webster III
ISBN 978-1-889020-37-2

$34.95 Softbound
Years of Change and Suffering
James M. Schmidt and Guy R. Hasegawa, editors
ISBN 978-1-889020-35-8

$29.95 Hardbound
Lincoln's Labels
James M. Schmidt
ISBN 978-1-889020-28-0

$19.95 Softbound
Skirmisher Skirmisher
Robert Mitchell
ISBN 978-1-889020-26-6

$19.95 Hardbound
Becoming the Mother of Me
Kathryn Adams Doty
ISBN 978-1-889020-27-3

$16.95 Softbound
Wilhelm Pfaender and the German-American Experience
Annette Hoffman and Hans Muller
ISBN 978-1-889020-23-5

$7.95 Softbound
Grace Flandrau: Voice Interrupted
Georgia Ray
ISBN 978-1-889020-22-2

$19.95 Hardbound
Louisa May Alcott's Civil War
Louisa May Alcott
ISBN 978-1-889020-10-5

$17.95 Softbound
The Indians' Revenge
Alexander Berghold, Don Heinrich Tolzmann
ISBN 978-1-889020-15-0

$14.95 Softbound

Wild Orphan
Kathryn Adams Doty
ISBN 1-889020-20-6

$14.95 Softbound

Pauline Cushman

Pauline Cushman: Spy of the Cumberland
William Christen
ISBN 1-889020-11-7

$19.95 Hardbound

Turn Backward O Time
Kathleen S. Hanson
ISBN 1-889020-18-4

$9.95 Softbound
Our Army Nurses Memories of New Ulm
Rudolf Leonhart, Don Heinrich Tolzmann
ISBN 1-889020-17-6
$9.95 Softbound
Our Army Nurses A Long Year of Silence
Kathryn Adams Doty
ISBN 1-889020-13-3
$16.95 Softbound
Our Army Nurses Gettysburg and the Christian Commission
Daniel John Hoisington
ISBN 1-889020-05-2
$9.95 Softbound
Our Army Nurses Hospital Days: Reminiscence of a Civil War Nurse
Jane Stuart Woolsey
ISBN 1-889020-09-5
$14.95 Softbound
Heart Toward Home My Heart Toward Home
Georgeanna Woolsey Bacon and Eliza Woolsey Howland
ISBN 1-889020-07-9
$9.95 Softbound
Our Army Nurses

Our Army Nurses
Mary Gardner Holland
ISBN 1-889020-04-4
$19.95 Softbound

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