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Civil War Nurses Christian Commission Civil War Life Behind the Book
Civil War Nurses Christian Commission Civil War Life Behind the Book
During the Civil War, more than five thousand women served as nurses. Their service saved lives and carved out a place for women in post-war professional medicine. Read first-hand accounts from the women, plus an illustrated essay about what Civil War-era nurses wore. The United States Christian Commission was the second largest relief agency during the Civil War, sending thousands of volunteers to minister to Union troops. Their strong leadership and innovative programs set the stage for postwar Protestantism in the United States. While war raged across the divided nation, daily life continued in the cities, towns, and farms of America. In the face of death, people still fell in love, told stories to their children, attended social functions, and carried on their work. Learn about Sanitary Fairs, children's games, romance tales, and popular literature and poetry of the Civil War era. Who was Pauline Cushman? Author Bill Christen searched for fifteen years to find the answer and shares some of the resources behind his epic biography. You can read more about the stories behind our other books. Kathryn Adams Doty writes about her experience at the Central Orphans Asylum in Warrenton, Missouri.
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