Civil War Life

While war raged across the divided nation, daily life continued in the cities, towns, and farms of America. In the face of death, people still fell in love, read stories to their children, attended social functions, and carried on their work.

The Home Front
How did they cope with the daily life when the men were "gone for a soldier"? Read accounts of life on the home front.

Love in a Time of War
Stories of romance, courtship, and marriage during the Civil War era.

The Fairs
The great Fairs raised money for war relief and provided a welcome social event during the trying days of 1864-65.

Our Young Folks
Children's stories and games from the 1860s.

The Civil War provided great reading for citizens in the north and south, as they sought escape through light fiction or looked to a story or poem to give them understanding of the meaning of the unfolding tragedy.

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