Our Authors

At the heart of a great book is a great writer. Edinborough Press is proud to be the publisher of works by these outstanding authors. Georgia Ray, whose leadership helped to preserve the Landmark Center in downtown Saint Paul, Minnesota, devoted nearly a decade of research and writing to her outstanding biography of Grace Flandrau, Voice Interrupted. Kathryn Doty, for example, wrote the award-winning novel, A Long Year of Silence, andher touching memoir, Becoming the Mother of Me. Of course, you might have heard of Louisa May Alcott. Just click on the pictures below to learn more about a few of our authors.

Georgia Ray Charles Webster Kathryn Doty Jim Schmidt Patricia Donahue
Georgia Ray C. L. Webster III Kathryn Adams Doty Jim Schmidt Eric Wittenberg
William Christen Dana Story Kathleen Hanson Don Heinrich Tolzmann
William Christen Dana Story Kathleen Hanson Don Heinrich Tolzmann Robert Mitchell